News On Andrade’s Alleged $3 Million Per Year Contract In WWE


Andrade spoke with Lucha Libre Online on Monday night and during it, he commented that he was getting paid “three million per year” or “several million dollars per year” from WWE.

The interview was conducted in Spanish, and these are based on other translations.

“I’ve been with WWE. I had a great contract with WWE, a great contract. Three million per year. Several million dollars per year, a lot more than plenty of guys coming up from NXT. I heard about some of those contracts. I made a lot more than those guys.”

Dave Meltzer addressed the alleged $3 million per year comments on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio and speculated that Andrade actually meant $3 million over five years for a five-year contract. 

Meltzer stated on Andrade, “He wasn’t making $3 million a year.” He noted that Andrade wouldn’t make that type of money considering he wasn’t being used.

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