Nick Aldis Comments On Wade Barrett & Eli Drake Signing With WWE, More


During a recent interview with Metro UK, NWA Worlds Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis commented on Wade Barrett and Eli Drake now working for WWE NXT, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how he talked about having a match down the line with Wade Barrett: “Yeah, it had been tossed around. It had been one of those things we’d kept in the back pocket as a ‘Maybe down the road,’ yeah. Stu and I broke in – not broke in together, but we were both at the same wrestling school for a while. Even though he’s a few years older than me – don’t rub it in with him – but there’s always that thing where I was in TNA running hard and he was in WWE, there was always that thing of, ‘What if those two wrestled each other?’ Stu absolutely adored being part of that show. He would reach out to us prior to that and be like, ‘I love the show, this show is so great.’ When he came, he was just so happy to be involved in it.”

On Eli Drake signing with WWE: “[Eli] did genuinely have a passion for what we were doing, and loved the way that we did our show – because it was a perfect outlet for a guy like him. I don’t wanna speak for Eli, but I dare say had it not been for the fact that obviously you can’t turn down WWE money, I dare say if the NWA and WWE were offering the exact same money, he may have stayed put.”

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