Nick Gage Says He’d Wrestle Kenny Omega But Only In A Deathmatch, More


GCW World Champion and AEW Superstar Nick Gage recently appeared on the “Wrestling Delorean” podcast and commented on a possible deathmatch with Kenny Omega, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On a possible match with Kenny Omega: “Listen, I’d wrestle anywhere man. I’d wrestle anybody, anywhere, as long as they know how to wrestle I got no problem wrestling anybody, anywhere, anytime man. I love it. Yea if they call me up and its right, yea I’ll go to those motherf**kers.”

On wanting such a match to be a deathmatch: “Oh I have no problem facing Kenny Omega, but it would be in a deathmatch. It wouldn’t be a regular match, ya know? He says he is the King of the Deathmatch? Well lets go with real glass and real barbwire. You know what I mean? Lets go.”

On Omega’s deathmatches in AEW against Jon Moxley: “I seen clips of it. I thought it was ok. Something happened at the end. You talking about that exploding barbwire one? I don’t know what happened there man. I don’t know man. I just feel like they are using Hollywood glass and they are snipping the barbwire because any barbwire I been in or get hit with it I always get stuck in it .I always start bleeding and any glass I land in, my back starts slicing up, bleeding really bad. So for them not to have no blood on them, or blood just on their forehead, makes me second guess what they are using, ya know what I mean?

“Kenny Omega is a f**kin’ awesome wrestler man. Props to that guy. It’s so insane. He got about 16 belts around his waist right now and neck and shoulders. He is a great wrestler but yea I’ll take him in a death match man. We will surround that f**king ring. Put up 200 light tubes and we will see who the king of the death match is.”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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