Nikki A.S.H. Comments On Pitching Her New Gimmick To WWE Creative, Feud With Alexa Bliss?


During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, WWE Superstar Nikki A.S.H. commented on possibly working a storyline with Alexa Bliss in WWE, how she pitched her new character to WWE creative, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On a potential WWE storyline with Alexa Bliss: “Every hero needs a villain. Every superhero needs a supervillain. I think the history with me and Alexa and being former two-time Women’s Tag Team Champions, there’s so much richness there, and there is so much story there. There’s so much past. I would love to do something. I think that the fans would love to see it too. And for me, as ‘Almost a Superhero,’ I need to be ready to take on any challenges……there’s a lot of villains. There’s a lot of evildoers in WWE and I’m ready and I’m excited for all challengers. And I absolutely think there’s meat on that (Alexa Bliss) story. I think there’s meat on so many different stories we can tell. And I think it’s a great time to be a fan and watch and see where we go in this universe.”

On pitching her new character to WWE creative: “I believed so much in this idea. Like I believe in this idea with all my heart, like every part of it. I was excited to pitch it. I was excited to present it. And they were on board and we got given the green light. Then there was collaboration. The team worked together for months on different aspects and different things. And then you see it brought to life and I do the debut on Monday Night RAW. And it’s this very proud, very satisfying, very fulfilling moment.”

On receiving custom art from fans: “The fan art has made me cry, like with pure joy. One of my best friends in Scotland, her daughter, she’s nine years old and she calls me Auntie Nikki. She actually drew a picture for me. And it was a picture of like, half of it was Sanity Nikki from NXT and the other half was ‘Almost a Superhero.’ She’d done half and it was like a (Harvey) Two Face kind of thing.”

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