Nyla Rose Comments On Winning The AEW Women’s World Title, Her Emotions


During a recent appearance on BBC’s LGBT Sport Podcast, AEW Superstar Nyla Rose commented on the emotions of winning the AEW Women’s World Title, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the moment of winning the World title: “It’s a blur. It’s absolutely a blur. It was a bit of a shock. Honestly, the crowd — I’m used to going out and getting booed. It’s like applause to me. I love it. I love hearing those boos. It’s like applause from ghosts, right? It’s fantastic. But that night, they booed me the whole match. [Then], 1-2-3, and there’s applause like this cheering. People are actually — they’re loving it. They’re able to take a step back and say, ‘You know what, respect.’ It was a very surreal moment to have gained the respect of the crowd, to have come this far. to essentially reach the top of the mountain [and] grab that grand prize that we’re all striving for. When, you know, a year or two prior, I didn’t think it would be anywhere near a company of this magnitude. Absolute bananas feeling.”

On having to keep her emotions in check after it happened: “Right back to business right back to business. There was a brief moment where I peeled back the curtain a little bit. There was a brief moment where I was right on the cusp of tears and I’m in my head coaching myself.’ Keep it together. Keep it together,’ and you’ll see, I squat down and I’m just like, ‘I gotta do this. I gotta stay in this zone, in the mode.’ and I just stood up and I was ready to go. Like you said, walk backstage and cameras are there. ‘Oh, here we go,’ and just kept trucking.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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