Omos Reacts To Teaming With AJ Styles – “It’s The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen”


During a recent interview with The Athletic, Jordan “Omos” Omogbehin commented on working with AJ Styles, undergoing two brain surgeries while in college, and more. He said,

“That puts a lot of things into perspective now, about how large I am. I had the super-booster. The moment they go in there, it literally screws up your whole hormonal system. My body never quite felt the same. My confidence was low. I never really could recoup. I always felt like I was a shadow of myself.”

WWE NXT head trainer Matt Bloom also commented on Omos’ first WWE tryout, saying,

“Listen, when you see somebody his size, that turns heads the way he does, you accelerate him a little quicker than the next guy. Because someone like him doesn’t come around very often.”

When he was asked about being paired up with AJ Styles, Omos said,

“Me being paired with AJ Styles is the best thing that could ever happen for my career. The best thing. That’s the best I can put it. The best thing. He’s been like a big brother to me. I just listen to him and absorb.”

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