Paul Heyman Apologizes To Edge Ahead Of WrestleMania Match With Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns will defend the Universal Title against Edge and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 37 – Night 2. 

Paul Heyman, who is the manager of Reigns, tried to talk some sense into Edge during today’s Talking Smack ahead of the match. 

“Now, I know you. And I know if there is a breath left in your body, nothing will stop you from becoming the Universal Champion tomorrow,” Heyman reiterated. “I know Roman Reigns. I know what being The Tribal Chief means to him. I know, if he has to take that last breath out of your body, that’s what he is going to do. This isn’t going to be just a beating; this isn’t going to be just a massacre. He’s going to beat you ‘fugly’ tomorrow night.

“He’s unrepentant to the point where when you’re home, and you’re telling your children that what it’s like to go after your dreams at all costs and live them, and you hug your children. You’re not going to feel that hug; he’s going to take that away from you. I do know you, and I do respect you. But the price that you’re going to pay to live out the dream tomorrow night, Edge, it’s not worth it. I am so sorry for what Roman Reigns is going to do to you tomorrow night. I’m sorry that it has to end this way for you. I wish I could stop it, but I can’t.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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