Paul Heyman Discusses Roman Reigns’ New Entrance Theme


In a recent interview with Complex, Paul Heyman explained why changing up the entrance theme for WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was an important step. 

“It was the final step away from The Shield. That’s what it was,” Heyman said. “One of the things that Roman Reigns and I spoke about, with all final decisions being Roman Reigns’. I am Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief, and that’s not just a public persona on television. Behind the scenes, I’m Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief. And one of the many things that we were both desirous of, A. Change the mannerisms. B. Change the presentation. C. Change the hairstyle. D. Change the look.

“He took off the vest, and rightfully so. He changed the music. It was time to change the music. That was The Shield’s theme. Now it’s evolved. Now it’s Roman Reigns’ theme. Now it has nothing to do with The Shield or the members of The Shield. It has evolved. It’s better. We’re not resting on what it was. We are invoking the future. We’re not reminding you of the past. With respect to the past, we’re bringing it forward.”

Reigns will defend his Universal Championship against Cesaro at next Sunday’s WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view.

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