Paul Heyman Shares What Has Impressed Him About Pat McAfee’s SmackDown Commentary Work


Paul Heyman discussed what has impressed him about Pat McAfee on SmackDown commentary in a recent interview on The A-Team on SportsTalk 790.

“What I’ve liked about what Pat McAfee has done is that he hasn’t tried to conform into the role of being the stereotypical color commentator, dating back to the days of when Roddy Piper was doing it in Georgia or when Jesse Ventura was doing it with WWE. Or when I was color commentator for Jim Ross and bitchslapped all of them and showed them how the job is really done. Pat is making it his own gig. Pat gives you his perspective, and he is as enthusiastic a fan of the product as anyone I’ve ever met. That permeates the broadcast. Pat is genuinely excited about being there and seeing these stars up close, and that comes through on television. As a viewer, it makes you more enthusiastic about the product. I love the job Pat is doing, as long as he continues to acknowledge Roman Reigns.”

H/T to 411 Mania

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