People Upset With WWE Hiring Jamie Horowitz – Details


As we reported earlier this week here on eWn, WWE hired Jamie Horowitz as Executive Vice President of Development & Digital. Horowitz has previously worked for ESPN, FOX Sports and The Today Show. He was also the Executive Vice President of Global Content for DAZN. His role in WWE will see him oversee original content, including scripted and unscripted programs for digital and social media. He will also run WWE Studios from his Los Angeles office. Horowitz is replacing Susan Levison, who was fired during the recent layoffs.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been some negative reaction to Horowitz’s hiring due to his controversial history. For those unaware, FOX Sports fired him back in 2017 due to allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace. Prior to his firing, FOX interviewed several women about their interactions with him. Some of those interviews took place with top on-air talent and show producers. Sports Illustrated reported that a female production assistant told FOX Sports’ human resources executives that Horowitz tried to kiss her and said he could get her more work. When the firing took place, FOX Sports President Erik Shanks sent the following memo to the staff,

“Everyone at Fox Sports, no matter what role we play, or what business, function or show we contribute to–should act with respect and adhere to professional conduct at all times. These values are non-negotiable.”

Horowitz’s attorney responded, saying,

“The way Jamie has been treated by FOX is appalling. At no point in his tenure was there any mention by his superiors or human resources of any misconduct or an inability to adhere to professional conduct. Jamie was hired by FOX to do a job that until today he was performing in exemplary fashion. Any slanderous accusations to the contrary will be vigorously defended.”

Horowitz also fired most of the digital writing staff for FOX and turned the website into a video platform. That didn’t go over well with the staff.

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