Pete Dunne Talks Triple Threat Match On WWE NXT, Karrion Kross


Pete Dunne recently spoke with PW Insider to promote WWE NXT this Tuesday night where he will work a triple threat match against Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny Gargano where the winner will face NXT Champion Karrion Kross for the strap at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. 

Here are the highlights: 

The triple threat match: 

“Yeah, I think the great thing about being a part of NXT is there’s so many of these different match-ups that you look forward to. Obviously, Kushida, you named him, he’s one of them, I’ve wanted to wrestle him for a long time. And Johnny Gargano is somebody who… I think we’ve had one match on the independents and one match in WWE, but that’s it. So even though we’ve both been in the company for so long, we haven’t crossed paths very much. So that’s obviously something I’m really looking forward to. And then as for Kyle, and anytime you’re in there with any of the Undisputed Era lot, and I’ve done that a lot since I’ve been with WWE, it’s a real competition, it’s a fight and that’s something I really look forward to and I’m excited for every time. So putting both of them in there with me, I think it’s a recipe for something special.”

Karrion Kross:

“Like you say, with my style being as physical as it is, and the way the Kross wrestles, I think it does mesh together quite well. He’s somebody that I had my eye on just before he got to the company, and then seeing the way he’s come in, and he’s breezing through so fast. Obviously he had the injury, but to come back and do it all over again is impressive, and I definitely would like to work with him down the line. And for me personally, it’s just a case of, I’ve been in NXT now for coming up to five years, I had that obviously long run in the UK with the UK title, and had a brief run with Matt Riddle as the tag champion. But I really do feel like now I’m here, I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m doing the best work I’ve ever done, and it’s time to take that next step. And if Kross’ is who I’d do that against, then so be it, and I can’t wait to get rolling.”

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