Plans Change Once Again – Sami Zayn & Aliyah Removed From Survivor Series


In yet another classic example of “creative plans change” in WWE, both the men’s and women’s SmackDown Survivor Series teams were once again switched up. WWE took to Twitter last weekend and revealed the official teams, but each week one or more of the originally announced names are being removed as Vince McMahon changes his mind.

In another case of false advertising, Sami Zayn and Aliyah will both no longer be appearing in their respective matches at Survivor Series.

During Friday night’s episode of SmackDown, Sonya Deville removed Aliyah from the SmackDown women’s Survivor Series team. Also, Zayn lost his spot on the men’s team after losing a match to Jeff Hardy.

Aliyah lost her spot due to Deville’s ongoing vendetta against Naomi. While Aliyah picked up the pin in a six-woman tag team match that opened SmackDown, Deville wasn’t a fan of Aliyah winning with some help from Naomi and took her off the team later in the show.

As of this writing, no replacements have been named for Aliyah or Zayn, which more than likely means WWE hasn’t decided yet as they write most of their television on a week-to-week basis and changes are often made just hours before the shows go live. Numerous talents have confirmed in various interviews that the scripts for RAW and SmackDown continue to change right up until the show goes live, and sometimes even as the shows are airing live. As you’d expect, WWE talent are frustrated with that as they have very little time to rehearse their promos and matches in advance.

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