Post NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Media Call Recap – HHH/HBK Provide Update On Road Dogg


Following Thursday night’s WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver (Night Two) event, Triple H and Shawn Michaels held a post-show media call. You can check out some highlights below:

* Triple H thanked everyone for joining and said he thought it was another spectacular show, noting that it’s incredibly difficult to go back to back for two nights and keep the same energy and the spectacle at that level. He said the talent delivered and the show was something very special. He praised the pre-show with Breezango vs. Dain & Drake, and thanked Poppy for coming in to perform Adam Ant’s “Stand & Deliver” as well as her own previously-unheard original song. He said that she’s one of those people who have become family in NXT. He called the Cruiserweight Title match spectacular and said that while there were winners and losers to the matches, but there no winners or losers, and that everyone wins. He praised their performances and said Escobar is the champion, but Devlin is proving that he’s absolutely one of the best in the world.

He said that the NXT Women’s Tag Team Title match was great and it’s not the last time The Way will be facing them, saying that the division is heating up and that the depth of the women’s division is amazing. He said Indi Hartwell came into her own, and said she expects great things from them. He said that the NXT North American Title match showed that Johnny never lets you down and is as consistent as consistent can be. He talked about how Karrion Kross had a huge setback when everything was going his way and it was gone in the blink of an eye, but he put that aside and grinded to get it all back, both on the reality side and the show side. He praised Balor for reinventing himself and said what Balor has done and will continue to do in NXT. Finally, he called Cole vs. O’Reilly a master class in storytelling and talked about how they were both put into ambulances at the end just to have them checked out and they checked out fine. Everyone’s healthy and no injuries as of right now for tonight.

* Before questions, Triple H gave an update on Road Dogg and said he’s at home and recovering. He said Road Dogg is healthy and good and was set up so he was on a headset during the shows and being involved. He’ll be back once he gets his strength back, and back to being the Road Dogg. He said they miss him but he’s doing well. He added that HBK will be with them shortly.

* Asked about where Adam Cole’s loss leaves him, Triple H said he would advise everyone to watch on Tuesday and promoted the move to Tuesdays. HBK was in at that point and joked that “You drop a fall around here, and people start going, ‘You’re gone!’ Hunter said that when you succeed and do well in NXT for a long period of time, there’s moments in time where you tell stories and people think that’s the end. He said that’s not the case at all and said it’s a chapter in the story and the saga being told, with Kyle O’Reilly proving himself against Cole who said O’Reilly was a lackey. He said that probably wouldn’t sit well with Cole and isn’t the end of the story.

HBK added that this has taken O’Reilly to the next level, while Cole has been at the top level. He said he can’t see that stopping now.

* Asked about whether two night shows will be a regular thing now for WrestleMania, Triple H said he doesn’t know. He said that even WrestleMania being two nights was something that just came into the right timing and position. He said it’s hard what’s going to be next month right now and they’ll have to see what next year brings as things open up whether it’s a one-night or two-night event. He said time will tell and they can be nimble, moving to what they want to be when the time is come to do what’s best for their fans.

Shawn said he was proud that they were able to have two strong cards in two nights, which Hunter agreed with. He said that they had two shows that could have been their own Takeovers and matches that could have been their own main events, and it wasn’t even everybody. They’ll see where it goes from there.

* The next caller asked about the security guards for Cole vs. O’Reilly being members of the new PC class, and if there have been any standouts so far. Triple H joked that they’re moonlighting at the security company next door, and said that a lot of them have stood out. He said that they haven’t been able to train properly at the level they want due to the pandemic and using the PC as their TV facility for Raw and Smackdown and are back to training at a large basis. He said they had talent, but they wanted a combination of new guys and veterans and TV-ready guys. Things were starting to get thing at the bottom because they couldn’t bring them in, and now they got them all at once. He said he’s been very impressed and that there are some guys who are just jaw-dropping right off the bat. This crop is all full of personality and crazy athletes and the last two months the pipeline opened and he said the future is bright. He said they’re hungry too.

* HBK was asked how 20-something him would have handled life at the Performance Center. He said he’s been asked that and he thinks it really would have helped him because of the structure. He said given his past, they talk very real with everyone and that would have helped. He said that’s what he loves about this, it’s very hands on and it gets personal where they can have personal relationships, which helps. He noted that it was very personal to him and it would have helped to have those kinds of people who were open and honest and supportive.

Triple H added that knowing Shawn, you hear a lot and and Vince McMahon takes some unnecessary criticism, but a lot of people from that time say that Vince was almost like a father figure to guys that didn’t have that in his live. He said Vince told stuff straight, but also said he believed in them. He set them straight and was a strong hand, but he let them struggle or fail in a fatherly, supportive way. He said that the PC has that support system who are there to tell people the truth and make them succeed. He also believes the PC would have helped someone like Shawn.

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