Ric Flair Appears At NWA 73, Says He Loves Vince McMahon & Tony Khan (Videos)


Former WWE Superstar Ric Flair made his return to the NWA at Sunday night’s NWA 73 pay-per-view event. The WWE Hall of Famer came out and cut a promo where he thanked Vince McMahon and said he wanted to have a drink with AEW President Tony Khan.

During his promo, Flair thanked several people in his life and career, including McMahon and Khan. He said,

“I want to thank my beautiful wife Wendy. Every time I’ve fell down, she picked me up. Just like Triple H picked me up, just like Shawn picked me up, just like Taker picked me up, just like Austin picked me up. Just like everybody!

Vince McMahon, I love you! Thank you. That’s why I’m here. And you know what, Vince McMahon’s not gonna watch this, but he’s gonna hear about it. He’s gonna say, ‘Ric Flair’s back where he belongs, with anybody he wants to be with on a given night.’ And I deserve that right.

And Hunter, thank you for every time you told me that I was Ric Flair, and to go out and be the best I can be. Because I let myself down night after night, you would not give up. But he didn’t care about my WCW run. Hunter grew up on the NWA. And guess what’s hanging in his office? Not the WWE belt, but the NWA belt he bought from me.

And Shawn Michaels, who carried me at the age of 59, WrestleMania. Thank you again! Taker, who carried me at WrestleMania, thank you! Steve Austin, who every time I’m with asks me to tell him an NWA story.”

Flair then went out to talk about the legends he’s worked with in the NWA and said he’s happy to be there. He praised Steve McMichael, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H again, as well as Randy Orton and Bob Orton.

You can check out some highlights from his promo below:

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