Rohit Raju Comments On The Cross Promotion Between AEW & Impact Wrestling, More


During a recent interview with “The Angle Podcast”, Impact Wrestling Superstar Rohit Raju commented on the cross promotion between AEW and Impact, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the Impact and AEW crossover: “I think it’s really cool because — as a kid, I remember wanting to see something like this for the longest time, and I think it’s great that it’s happening. Now, I am getting sick and tired of Tony Khan showing up with these paid advertisements. I mean, I can do some guerrilla work if Impact wants to lend me a camera man, and I can just cut a promo and obliterating their entire roster with just a microphone. I put that out there, but I never got a green light, so I guess that might not happen. But they have a ton of talent, so it’s their fans putting eyes on our product and vice versa, which is really cool.”

On how he doesn’t understand any hate the angle is getting from fans: “I hope something deeper happens where it is a crossover. Seeing Kenny [Omega] in our ring was fantastic. Watching him and [Rich] Swann go at it is just awesome. And seeing The Good Brothers over there, it’s great man. It’s really cool. And I think it really bothers me when fans don’t get it, or they don’t like i, or they don’t realize how awesome it is to be a professional wrestling fan right now. Like I dreamed of something like this happening back in the day. And now, it’s actually happening, you should be like head over heels and wanting more of it. So, I’ll never understand the hate and negativity surrounding companies like that. But you know, it is what it is. I think it’s a tremendous thing, and I’m glad it’s happening. Although, I do want to obliterate the entire roster on the microphone.”

On if he wants to get involved with the crossover with AEW: “I would love to. I’d love to go lock horns with Sonny Kiss. I’ve put me vs. Sting into the universe a million times. I just want to be in the ring with Sting. He was one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid. Even if it was just a backstage segment, I love to see Sting anytime he comes out. He just has that presence. I think when people talk about greats, they don’t mention his name enough. Like his run in the NWA (WCW) was fantastic as Surfer Sting. Then, reinventing himself as Crow Sting, it’s just tremendous, man. And then when he was in Impact, doing the Joker Sting thing. He’s reinvented himself over the years, and it’s so good to see him come back again or resurface, and I would love to be a part of that. But like, Sonny I think would be amazing. I think Sonny’s so talented. I would love to go in the ring with any of their guys, go on the microphone with a [Chris] Jericho or MJF, you know, something of that nature. Private Party and me and Shera, locking horns with those guys. The possibilities are endless, and I would love to be a part of it if it ever goes down.”

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