Rohit Raju Says He’s Rooting For Rich Swann Against Kenny Omega, More


During a recent appearance on the VP Show, Rohit Raju commented on Rich Swann’s upcoming title vs. title match against Kenny Omega, who he’s rooting for, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On representing India in the industry: “It’s actually really cool, especially getting the chance-having the chance to wrestle with Shera, but also kind of evolving into myself and still being able to represent India. A lot of times in professional wrestling, especially back in the day you would automatically be stereotyped as, this, this, this, and this. Impact has really kind of let me be myself with still representing India. Especially now, especially after becoming X-Division Champion, I’m kind of morphing into more of who Rohit is and will become which is really cool. But also being able to be me, and represent India, and then go on there with Shera, who’s like super over in India, you know what I mean? The guy like, if you ever look at any of his videos it’s like, oh, 2 million views, it’s like “what in the world?” like, man this dude is mad over, over there so it’s really cool to get the chance to share the stage with him but also see how much he has improved, being able to help him in the ring and create something special and from what I feel has been-was a good match, you know what I mean? Something I think not a lot of people expected to see, so, I take a whole lot of pride in that, it makes me feel really good, and I think it made him feel really good as well. So, I’m hoping people enjoyed that.”

On Rich Swann’s match against Kenny Omega: “I’m personally rooting for Rich Swann because I can relate to Rich Swann. Rich Swann is the underdog in this, hands down. Everyone knows Kenny Omega, everyone knows how great Kenny is, I’m a huge fan of Kenny Omega. I love the fact that, if I see him, I can talk video games with him, I think that’s really cool, and he’s really a stand up dude. His in-ring work, almost, I don’t think a lot of people can touch him. You know what I mean? He’s put on some great matches and it doesn’t matter who he’s in the ring with, he puts on phenomenal matches. Rich Swann on the other hand, does not get the credit that he deserves. Rich is great, Rich is flawless, he is smooth, he’s like water in the ring, everything he does looks effortless. And, and that’s something with, I don’t know if it’s today’s society, or maybe it’s more with the internet, people love to bandwagon jump, and if this person, or this thing isn’t loved by so many people, it’s looked down upon, or it’s not given the credit that it should or the credit that it’s due. I, and, and it’s not, people don’t recognize a talent, or they refuse to recognize a talent, so it’s not cool, or it’s not great, or it’s not whatever, and that stuff honestly just blows my mind and makes me so upset. Rich is phenomenal, and Rich can go in the ring with anyone and he’s gonna prove that on the 25th of April when he steps in the ring with Kenny Omega. And people need to you know, turn off the-get the blinders off, just go in there with an open mind, and stop trying to hate on-“oh, he’s Impact’s Champion, so he sucks”, yada yada yada, get that negativity out of here, sit down, and be prepared to watch a great professional wrestling match, from both individuals. I don’t know who’s gonna win it, I want Rich to win it like I said because I relate, he’s the underdog, lot of people don’t think he can do it, I think he can because I know how good he is, you know? In the same sentence, Kenny Omegas phenomenal so we will see what happens.”

On AEW and Impact working together:“People need to realize, that they don’t realize how big this is! Like you’ve got Impact Wrestling which has been a mainstay in professional wrestling for years, then you have AEW, which is like this cool upstart promotion that has made a ton of-a huge name for itself, and we are working together, like that’s huge people, I don’t think they realize, they just, they look for the negativity, the negatives, and there should be no negatives, it’s a positive, like this is one of the biggest things that’s happened to professional wrestling in a long time, people should realize like, how lucky they are to see this in their lifetime.”

On wanting to wrestle on Dynamite: “I saw a lot of clickbait stuff when I had said the thing about how I was sick and tired of Tony Khan, the paid advertisements and I saw, like I kept showing up on people’s feeds, I was like, I’m pretty sure what I said wasn’t even that bad, but you know, people gotta get the views and the clicks and stuff so I thought that was hilarious. I honestly would love to snap back, clap back at AEW, I would love to cut a promo and kind of dig into Tony and all those guys. Because what they do, I think is tremendous, it’s so entertaining, I want to do that as well because I know I can, I wanna be part of those guys, when Impact says, “hey, who do we have that can clap back at AEW?” I don’t want them to just always go to the same people, I want them to come to me too, because I can. I would love to step in the ring, obviously he’s doing his own things and he’s a legend, I always put it in the universe because he’s one of my favourite wrestlers, Sting, I would love to wrestle Darby, I would love to wrestle Sonny Kiss. Danny Limelight, is one of their guys that people need to be paying attention to. Dudes phenomenal, he’s young, he’s hungry. Every match that he’s in, he’s being creative, he’s being innovative. I honestly would love to step in the ring with those guys and I would love to do it on their home turf and show people who I am, because I know people would be like, “oh this guy”, blah blah blah blah blah, you know, that negative attitude, but I think once I get a microphone in my hand, and once I’m in the ring, especially on their turf, I think I would open up some eyes and I think it would help me and it would benefit me a lot, but I think it would benefit, Impact Wrestling and heck, it might even benefit AEW a little bit as well, but yeah man, I would love to, I would love to be apart of that crossover and be apart of history … Tony Khan if you’re listening, let’s do it, let’s do it, Impact! You guys need me over there, to kinda stump a mud whole in your troops, so you know, let’s do it!”

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