Roman Reigns: ‘Let’s Not Lie, I Carried WWE In The ThunderDome Era’


Roman Reigns did an interview with Brent Brookhouse of CBS Sports to promote WWE’s return to live event touring starting tonight with SmackDown. 

The WWE Universal Champion spoke about the last year and WWE using the ThunderDome. 

“That’s my legacy coming out of the ThunderDome. Hands down, without question, it can be debated for great content on social media and to put these polls and try to make an argument. But there’s no argument. There’s been nobody to ever carry the WWE product like I have over the past year and I stand on that. You can throw anybody out. We can try and be nice and say, ‘Oh, Bayley! She just got hurt. She was the best.’ Come on, let’s not lie to ourselves. The Tribal Chief has carried the WWE for well over a year now and there’s no denying it.”

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