Ruby Soho Thinks AEW Is Playing “Critical Part” In The Women’s Revolution


Ruby Soho spoke during the AEW All Out media scrum about AEW’s part in the women’s revolution that many believe WWE started a few years ago. 

The former WWE star had this to say to Wrestling Inc

“I think AEW is a critical part of that,” Soho stated. “I think the level of importance that is put on the women’s division here, it’s so apparent. You see different women each week. It’s not the same people. You see different women from different backgrounds all thriving, and succeeding, and intertwining with each other, and you can go on these journeys with these women. And these women have a voice, and I think this place is a crucial part in the evolution that is women’s wrestling. And I think I’m very, very fortunate to be a part of it.”

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