Samoa Joe Says He Had An Unspoken Agreement With Brock Lesnar


During a recent interview with the Daily Star, WWE NXT World Champion Samoa Joe commented on having an unspoken agreement with Brock Lesnar during their feud back in 2017 to not to hold back in the ring. He said,

“I think it really comes down to the simple fact that, when Brock shows up for fight night, he wants to be in a scrap. He wants to go out there and he wants someone who is going to smash someone in the face, and he wants to smash somebody back! Brock knew he had that with me – he understood, and I understood I had to have that with Brock It’s an attitude. He wants people to go in there and go after him. It is all of those things. I think that was the simplistic but major reason that we click the way we do; we step in the ring and we’re stepping in there for chaos and destruction to happen, and nothing less than that. I guess it’s some weird, unspoken gentlemen’s agreement we have!“

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