Sasha Banks Comments On Her ‘Banks Statement’ Finisher, Why It Works So Well, More


During a recent appearance on the “Sailor Moon Fan Club” podcast, Sasha Banks commented on her “Banks Statement” finisher, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On coming up with her Banks Statement finisher: “When I was trying to find my character and I was just thinking I had to be a bad guy, I wanted a whole new finisher. At the time, I was just doing a neckbreaker finisher. I was like that’s cute, but it’s basic because everyone does a neckbreaker and I’m not trying to be basic in WWE. I really loved the backstabber and how it looked. I was really small, and I needed a finisher that I could do to everybody. One day, I went to training and asked the head trainer, ‘Can you help me?’ He said, ‘I like the backstabber, but how about you flip it into a crossface?’ I was like, ‘Oh, money, money, money, like a bank statement.’ That’s what I do, I leave a statement. I take that change, put it in the back, cha-ching, and I make these girls tap out.”

On her favorite finishers and why the Banks Statement works so well: “I can get that sucker on anybody really fast and in any variation. If my arm is messed up, I got a solution. If my leg is messed up, I’ve got one. If theirs is messed up, I’m going for it and I’m gonna get it. That’s why I just love my finisher so much. It’s so unique and so different. I can get it in so many different ways. I don’t like things that take so long to break someone down to get a win. Some people need to change it up. That’s why they don’t win anymore. But mine? Money and success. So, the Banks Statement has to be my favorite besides the Frog Splash.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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