Scorpio Sky Shares Desire To Get Into Fashion Branding & Acting


While speaking to Sippin’ The Tea, AEW star Scorpio Sky shares his desire to get into acting and the fashion world. Below is an excerpt from Scorpio Sky (via Fightful):

“The next goal for me and the reason why I wanted to do a podcast and things of that nature is because I’d like to crossover and do other things. I’m far from a model, but I’d like to get into some fashion and style and maybe television. I would like to work with brands. I love clothing and shoes and styles. It’s a world I want to get into. Putting together an outfit or seeing someone put something together or following influencers, they give me so many ideas. When you look good, you feel good. That’s something I want to help others with.

Certain brands and styles will only cater to certain body types. For me, some days I want to look preppy and the next I might want to look grungy. I want to have a variety of things that fit everyone. Putting these ideas into action is still what I’m trying to figure out, but that’s one of my big goals. I want to partner with brands and companies and come up with something for everyone. I want to do a little TV and get into acting as well and expand my brand outside of wrestling.”

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