Scott Stanford Used To Kneel During Interviews To Make WWE Superstars Look Bigger


During a recent appearance on “The Launchcast” podcast, former WWE broadcaster Scott Stanford commented on kneeling during interviews to make WWE Superstars look bigger, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On having to kneel during interviews to make Superstars look bigger: “When the time came, [WWE] was looking for a new studio host. The demo I made was just me working with all their talent and it looked like I had worked for the company already. I get a call from the main guy back at the time and said, ‘We got about 300 tapes for a studio position, we narrowed it down to five, Vince McMahon hated all of them.’ Vince looked at [Stanford’s] demo and said, ‘Get this guy in here now.’ I did the audition with Joey Styles and got the gig. Next you know, I’m doing studio shows, they’re calling me to do play-by-play on the road. I was a little too tall, so I had to kneel down because you always have to make the Superstar look bigger. That’s why now you’ll see small females who stand and look up.”

On his work ethic with WWE: “I show up every day and am consistent. I’m good to the producers and help the producers. Regardless of the show or the importance, someone put a lot of work into it. I treat every show like it’s the number one show because that’s how the producer feels. I worked with some people who would complain on the set, ‘this writing is terrible. This is terrible.’ These guys are working hard, just help them out. There were people I’d work with where if you asked them to do something more than once, they’d freak out. WWE, they don’t care how good or popular you are, if you’re hard to work with or the producers don’t like working with you, then you’ll be gone. You never know when Vince McMahon or someone at his level will be like, ‘Let me see what Stanford is doing, send me a tape.’ It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of work, but it’s an incredible place to work.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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