Sean Waltman Comments On Recent WWE Releases & More


WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman (“X-Pac”, “Syxx”, 1-2-3 Kid, etc.) spoke about the recent WWE releases that occurred on April 15th on his “Wrestling 4-Life” podcast. Here is what Waltman had to say about Samoa Joe, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Mickie James, Bo Dallas and others being let go by the company.

On which release surprised him the most: “Yeah, [Samoa Joe] for sure. People are bummed out. I am too. The thing is this is Samoa Joe man. He’s a main eventer anywhere as far as I’m concerned, and it just opens up so many great possibilities. I’m looking forward to seeing where he ends up.”

On where he wants to see Joe show up next: “I could see ROH. He has a history with ROH and Impact even. I guess it just depends on what they’re offering. Here’s the thing, they released a dozen people or whatever all at once. Some people might think, ‘Well, you put a glut of talent on the market,’ but there’s not a glut of talent like Samoa Joe on the market, no matter how many people get released.”

On reports that Kevin Dunn ‘didn’t get’ Billie Kay: “I don’t want to get too much into the rumors I heard about who was behind her release or whatever, but it’s just disappointing. You hear things and you read things. I heard there was a problem with the accent. When I hear things like that, it’s just so freaking cringe man. Going back to Joe. ‘Oh, he’s not in shape.’ The f**k he’s not. I know guys with six or eight pack abs, shredded. Their tongues hanging on the ground after they walk three flights of stairs, and then you got guys like Joe who may not have that look people think of when they think of an athlete, but he’s a better athlete than just about anybody. He could probably go an hour in the ring without barely breaking a sweat. People’s idea of what’s in shape and what’s not in shape, it’s really misguided.”

On Bo Dallas’ release: “It was just one of those things where he just got lost in the shuffle. See here’s the thing, I saw how Bo was used down in NXT and FCW. He was the champ down there for a minute, and he was a really good babyface. As far as I’m concerned, really good babyface. It’s hard to be a good white-meat babyface these days, and he was really good at it. Just something happened. When people make that move from NXT to the main roster, something happens with a lot of people or… something doesn’t happen with a lot of people.”

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