Shawn Michaels Reveals How He Prevented Having His Title Belts Stolen


While speaking with the media on Thursday night, Triple H and Shawn Michaels talked about the recovery of the NXT UK Championship belt this week after a fan contacted the company after they realized they had bought the belt. 

The fan returned it to WWE and was sent a replica belt with the autographs of Triple H, Michaels and WALTER. It had been stolen back in December 2019. 

During it, Michaels noted that he never had a title belt stolen. 

“I never had mine stolen,” Michaels stated. “I gotta say that back in the day, that’s why all guys carried the title. We had them in the little Halliburtons that you could, back then, you would check them through the machine at the airports because you would carry it on you, most of the time. Even me, I don’t think I ever lost one, which is pretty amazing.”

H/T to Fightful

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