The New Day To Auction Off Their Brodie Lee-Inspired Ring Gear, Carlito’s Greatest Moments


You can check out the premiere episode of WWE Icons Revisited below. This episode features Bret Hart, Rikishi, and Sgt. Slaughter discussing Yokozuna:

The New Day will be auctioning off their Royal Rumble gear, which was a tribute to the late Brodie Lee. The proceeds will go to Foodlink in Rochester, New York, which is the hometown of Brodie. Big E. said,

“The city of Rochester meant a lot to Jon. @FoodlinkNY is a Rochester-based nonprofit that’s dedicated to feeding those in need in the area. We’ll be auctioning off our Royal Rumble gear with all of the proceeds going to @FoodlinkNY. The first piece is live. We’ll just be putting these up one by one until they’re all sold. Once again, all proceeds go to @FoodlinkNY.”

You can check out the latest episode of WWE Playlist below. This episode looks at Carlito’s greatest moments:

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