The Participants & Teams For NWA’s Champions Series Revealed


As many of you know, the NWA’s Champion Series will begin later this month. On Tuesday, the NWA announced the participants for the tournament. The teams were picked on this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr.

You can check out the brackets below:

Kamille & Austin Idol: Thom Latimer, Kenzie Paige, Kratos, Mims, Sal Rinauro
Aron Stevens & Taryn Terrell: Tyrus, Lady Frost, JTG, Marshe Rockett, Jordan Clearwater
Nick Aldis & Melina: Crimson, Skye Blue, Fred Rosser, Slice Boogie, Jeremiah Plunkett
Da Pope & Velvet Sky: Trevor Murdoch, Jennacide, Jax Dane, The Masked Man, Colby Corino

The series kicks off on July 27th and will see the teams compete in a point-based tournament. The following matches are featured:

Block A (Team Kamille/Idol & Team Steves/Terrell):
* Thom Latimer vs. Marshe Rockett
* Mims vs. JTG
* Kenzie Paige vs. Lady Frost
* Kratos vs. Tyrus

Block B (Team Aldis/Melina & Team Pope/Sky):
* Skye Blue vs. Jennacide
* Fred Rosser vs. Trevor Murdoch
* Crimson vs. The Masked Man
* Slice Boogie vs. Jax Dane

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