The Rock Praises Kevin Owens & Adam Cole, Owens Reacts To Fan


On Wednesday, WWE Superstar Kevin Owens took to Twitter and responded to a fan whose father was taken off a ventilator in the ICU. The fan noted that her dad likes hating on Adam Cole and Kevin Owens and was humming the theme song for Kevin Owens while he was in the ICU.

Owens responded to the fan, saying,

“Tell your dad that I hope he gets back on his feet quickly and that deep down, he knows he loves me and I truly appreciate him being my biggest fan and humming my theme song.”

The fan replied to Owens’ tweet, saying,

“He was doing so bad yesterday, I wasn’t sure he was going to push through and today we were laughing about @AdamColePro @TheRock and @FightOwensFight . It was so good to hear him laugh. His breathing still isn’t too good but after today I have more hope than ever. So thank you.”

The Rock also chimed in, saying,

“@FightOwensFight @RatedOwens @AdamColePro We’ve all beat Cena so let’s celebrate lol Wishing your dad strength during this time and Kevin O & Adam Cole are two of the best so your pops knows his stuff!”

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