The Rock Responds To The Undertaker Jokingly Calling Him A C-Lister


During a recent appearance on Robbie Fox’s “My Mom’s Basement” podcast, The Undertaker jokingly called Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a C-Lister. When ‘Taker was asked about why he never crossed over to Hollywood like The Rock, he responded with the following,

“My mindset was like, ‘I’m living my dream here!’ So I didn’t have aspirations of going to Hollywood and crossing over like that, which I got nothing against guys who do. Jury’s still out on whether it worked for The Rock or not, I don’t know … You know, he’s a C-Lister.”

When the FOX Twitter account tagged The Rock in a clip from the interview, he replied with the following,

“Hahaha one of the many reasons I love my big brother, Take. Great sense of humor. Absolute beast in the ring and the most athletically gifted big man to ever wrestle and grace our squared circle. An honor to get my ass kicked by him over the years #CList4L”

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