The Subscriber Numbers For Stardom World Revealed


During a recent interview with Japanese site Bunshun, Bushiroad President Takaaki Kidani revealed the amount of subscribers for Stardom World.

According to Kidani, the streaming service has almost 10,000 members, about 33% of which are outside of Japan. He said,

“I don’t want to go to something I’ve never seen, so I’m just giving it up on YouTube. The total number of views has increased considerably, and now it is 4 million views per month. I would like to make the 10 million playbacks and increase the number of unique users to about 500,000. On the official channel, not only standard ones such as announcements, breaking news, and past games, but also a wide variety of things such as planning videos and those taken with a smartphone of the entrance scene are uploaded every day. While providing fans with the opportunity to see stardom every day, it also increases the chances of accidental interest and the choice of stardom. The number of subscribers is 140,000.

The official Twitter group is second only to New Japan in the domestic professional wrestling group, and so is Instagram. Stardom World, a video distribution service, has nearly 10,000 members, of which about one-third are from overseas. All numbers are going well.”

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