The Young Bucks Respond To Jay White Ripping “Corny” Bullet Club Reunions


Jay White did a backstage interview on Monday after his NJPW return where he took some shots at the AEW – Impact Bullet Club reunion.

“It’s still my era! It is the REAL era,” White proclaimed. “I’m still Bullet Club. I’m real Bullet Club. This is real Bullet Club right here! We’re not a cheap rip-off trying to recreate the past, to regain some relevance and doing corny reunions just so you can sell sh**ty t-shirts to you all, but of course, you all still buy them because you are you.

“This is real Bullet Club. Let me tell you what real Bullet Club is about. It’s about change. It’s about moving forward. It’s about progression. It’s not about living in the past. It’s not about going backwards.”

The Young Bucks responded to his comments by writing the following:

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