Tommaso Ciampa Shares Body Transformation Photo, Comments On New Look


WWE NXT Superstar Tommaso Ciampa has underwent intense training and has transformed his body into a ripped, well-oiled machine! Ciampa shared his new look while commenting on the 13-week dedication that it took to get to this point. He said,

“13 week transformation. No cheat meals. Prepped, weighed, and cooked six meals a day, every day. Roughly eleven cardio sessions per week. Five weight training sessions.

HUGE thanks to my wife for allowing me to commit to this and fully supporting my journey. I know I’m insane, but she gets me.

And I could not have done it without my trainer AJ aka @cementfactory and my training partners, the Dump Boys.

Lots of motivating factors: Celebrating being two years removed from career ending neck surgery, wanting to push myself beyond my limits without using “being a dad” as an excuse, turning thirty-six years old, and taking control of the things that I can control… this was as much a mental health journey as it was a physical health journey.

The best part is that I enjoyed every second of it.”

WWE Hall of Famer Sean “X-Pac” Waltman commented on Ciampa’s new look, saying that Ciampa still thinks it’s “WrestleMania week”. Ciampa replied that he’s never even been on the show. You can check out the exchange below:

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