Tony Khan Comments On Possibly Having Intermissions For PPV Events, Fan Vote


AEW President Tony Khan appeared on Busted Open Radio and discussed the possibility of holding intermissions during pay-per-view events for fans attending those shows.

“We have great fans and we could do that. Also, a [countdown] clock. If you watch the Road To or the countdown, you might’ve seen them, but that’s even better. They are part of the pay-per-view, putting some up. I think it’s a good idea. If you [Busted Open hosts Tommy Dreamer and Dave LaGreca] like it, that makes me feel a little better. Maybe it’s a good idea. If the fans like it, then maybe it’s a good idea.”

While this seems like a genuinely good idea on paper, a few fans were opposed to the idea, with Khan replying and saying he would reconsider the idea if enough people were against this.

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