Tony Khan Discusses His Reluctance To Use Countout Or DQ Finishes


AEW President Tony Khan spoke about not using disqualification or countout finishes much while doing an interview with the Way of the Blade podcast (via Fightful)

Here is what he had to say:  

Count-out finishes aren’t always popular. For me as a promoter, you can count on one hand the number of count-out and disqualification finishes that I’ve done. I really like doing conclusive finishes, but I definitely think a count-out is a much more conclusive finish than a disqualification. Sometimes, there’s a storyline reason for both, but ultimately, it often feels unsatisfying. I will not let people off the hook for this could I feel like half the matches on the show are like a disqualification and it’s been that way my whole life [with] multiple promotions on television. Really, the competitive promotions on television. Such a large percentage of their matches ended in a disqualification. I found it very unsatisfying. Instead, you watch ECW or All-Japan, and there are a lot more finishes and maybe the happy medium is [something like] Smoky Mountain [Wrestling] was a very well booked promotion. I have no problem with doing it. Sometimes, I probably underdo them [to the point] where you never see them. But when we do them, they really do make sense.

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