Tony Khan Posts Meme Reacting To The Reports That WWE Isn’t Looking For Indy Talent


AEW President Tony Khan has seen the reports that WWE is no longer looking to recruit independent talent and took to Twitter to post a meme about it.

Following WWE President Nick Khan’s recent comments, Tony posted a meme of Ben Affleck’s character (Jim Young) from 2000’s stock market drama Boiler Room where he says, “We don’t hire brokers here; we train new ones.”

The film is about a young would-be broker (Giovanni Ribisi) who joins an investment firm, of which Jim is the co-founder and which turns out to be committing fraud in order to make profit. The implication in Jim’s statement, which becomes clearer later in the film, is that they don’t hire trained brokers so that they can indoctrinate them into the business’ shady practices without having to deal with them questioning the company’s methods.

Yah, it’s a burn for sure.

You can see Tony Khan’s tweet below:

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