Tony Nese Reveals Vince McMahon’s Reaction To His WrestleMania 35 Match


During a recent appearance on Tommy Dreamer’s “House of Hardcore” podcast, Tony Nese commented on his match with Buddy Murphy for the Cruiserweight title on the WrestleMania 35 Kickoff show and Vince McMahon’s reaction to it. He said,

“Yeah (that was my crowning moment), absolutely. That moment felt amazing. At times where, you kind of felt like an Indy show that was attached to a major company, at that moment I felt like I was part of the company. It was a really cool experience. Believe it or not, a great story, as I came into the back, Vince (McMahon) was already in Gorilla, which I was absolutely surprised that I was already there and ready to go. He looked up at me and said, ‘That’s how you start WrestleMania.’ He shook my hand and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is the greatest thing ever.’ That day was one of the coolest experiences and one of my crowning moments in the company.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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