Ultimo Guerrero Reacts To The Recent Departures From CMLL


Ultimo Guerrero recently commented on the recent talent departures that have taken place in CMLL. In recent months, we’ve seen the stable of NGD, Mistico II, Bandido and Diamante Azul leave the company.

Some people have been blaming Guerrero for some of the departures. He said,

“It’s the movements that the world of wrestling has and that puts people as the villain in the damn social media. Let me tell you one thing, CMLL was always been a hotbed for the world and for all the companies everywhere. The Council has always worried about having their alumni in Kinder, Primary School, Secondary, High School, and College education and graduates as professional wrestlers. I am happy where I am at, thanks to CMLL, to those spaces and gyms where I trained, and to the Arena Mexico where we can train and prepare the youth. Wrestling in Mexico and overseas moves around CMLL.”

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