Update On The Rock’s Energy Drink, When Should Edge Make His WrestleMania Decision?


Taz took to Twitter today, suggesting that Cody Rhodes should be on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine. He said,

“I appreciate that but w/ @TheRock star power/name, success & LOOKS he belongs on the cover of any mag instead of me! As a cigar lover I would love to be on the cover BUT I hate to admit it, regarding todays top wrestlers in world @CodyRhodes should be on a cover @CigarAficMag”

During today’s episode of “Talking Smack”, Paul Heyman said he thinks Adam Pearce should force Edge to make his WrestleMania decision on RAW this Monday. Pearce replied by saying he can take all the time he needs. He said,

“Seems to me that the “right thing” would be to allow @EdgeRatedR to make HIS decision on HIS time. He earned the right to do so. Monday should be A LOT of fun.”

The Rock posted the following clip to his Instagram account, revealing that there will be five flavors of his new Zoa Energy drink:

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