Vanessa Borne Comments On Her WWE Release, How WWE Can Improve, More


During a recent interview with Pwinsider, Vanessa Borne commented on her WWE release, how WWE can improve in regards to talent, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On being in discussion with an NXT writer before her release: “We had ideas that the writer liked. We had ideas that would work; but when you have all of these other characters and other storylines going on, it’s like a giant puzzle. Right? So, you’re just trying to figure out, how can you fit here, and how can you fit there? So, we had all these ideas that potentially would have worked and that we had liked, but we were never able to come up with something that was like, “Okay, this is it. We want this. Let’s go.” So they were all good ones which would have worked, but we never came to a final plan or anything like that. So, we were just still trying to figure it out. Then, I think the last message I had sent over I didn’t get a reply from, and then it was a week later I got the call that I was being released. So, I was like, “Man, that’s such a bummer,” just because I just really know I could bring a lot when it comes to character work, when it comes to charisma, even in ring work, I’ve only shown a very small percentage of what I can do in ring. So, I’m just bummed that I didn’t get to bring that to the fans, to the WWE universe, and to our programming and to do that type of storytelling.”

On what she’d like to see WWE improve in regards to talent: “I guess it’s broad; but like you were saying, I would just say the communication, because I know it’s probably hard to deal with a lot of different talent and all of these moving pieces and a live TV show or two or three live TV shows that they have to write every single week. But I think just communicating because there was lots of times when I’d just sit and wonder or be stressed when a simple answer, I feel like, could have been provided. So I think just communication, more communication. I think that would help just all around talent happiness, just being communicated with a little bit more. It’s tough too, because at times I would think like, “Well, should I be just messaging these people all of the time, or am I annoying them,” trying to figure out what that balance is. I don’t think as a talent you should be concerned with that because I think they should be communicating with you, if that makes sense, so definitely just the communication.”

On her immediate reaction to her release: “So, after I got released, the first thing that I thought in my mind was, “You need to get in a ring as soon as you possibly can,” because I wanted to know after getting this information and not being in a ring since that time I went to the Performance Center to knock the rust off, how I would feel and how I would do. So, I think it was three days after I got released, I found a wrestling school in Texas, because I spend a lot of time in Texas as well, and jumped in to one of their classes. It just felt good and it felt right, and it still fits for me. So, that’s really all I could think of doing after I was released is just get in the ring. See how you feel and I got back in the ring, loved it. I’m like, “This is still…” I can’t just say goodbye to wrestling because I was released from the WWE, which I feel like a lot of people think, “Oh, well, once you’re not in WWE anymore, that’s the top. So, you can’t get any better than that.” But the way wrestling is today is that there are so many other great organizations and so many other talented people out there. Before getting into wrestling, I didn’t really know that because I didn’t necessarily come from independent. So, I knew of WWE just because it was the biggest wrestling group. Yeah, I really want to be able to give what I can to wrestling. Like I said, I have only shown a small percentage of what I can do in the ring; and the one thing I’m really sad I never got the chance to do was to cut any promos, was to do that type of storytelling, because that is the type of storytelling that I excel in. That is my strength. I never got to show that.

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