VIDEO: Buff Bagwell Appears To Be Intoxicated In New Podcast, Claims WWE Denied His Rehab Request


During the latest edition of his “Rebuilding Buff” podcast, former WWE and WCW Superstar Buff Bagwell claimed that WWE denied his request to go to rehab.

We’ll let you guys be the judge but if you watch the first few minutes of the video below, Bagwell still doesn’t appear to be doing well and appears to be highly intoxicated.

Bagwell is scheduled to appear in court on November 18th for a jury trial.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

On WWE denying his request for rehab: “You ready for this one? WWF [WWE] turned me down on going to rehab. I want to put that in your head and let you run with that, and just think about Scott Hall going 4 and 5 times, that crazy, crazy, crazy ass girl, that Dustin Rhodes was married to, that went 5 and 6 times. Not to mention Road Dogg… you kidding me? You think he went once? They went every time they could, I ask once and they deny me. They deny me, bro. Here I am trying to get better, I’ve come to them, on what they want me to do, which is get better, and it’s not like I’m off the chain.

“I mean, I’m in shape, you can tell by my body. I’m in shape, I’m at the gym every day. I feel great and all that but still, you know, I could use something like that to get my life completely straight up, and a company like AEW could take me for real, you know? And that’s where Dallas is really behind this thing, is more like, look, he goes, ‘You’re a great guy, it’s just nobody thinks nothing’s wrong with you because you look great, you sound great, but you don’t act like it, you need help. You need help.’ And I said, ‘I agree, I agreed with you, I’m with you.’ But what do you do when the WWF, out of all of those drug addicts I just talked about, from Jake Roberts to Scott Hall, down the list. If they get mad about me saying they’re drug addicts, then they’re just idiots because we all were drug addicts, and if they’re willing to say that, then so be it. They can be proud enough to say that if they want to, but it’s not the truth. The truth is, they turned me down.”

On Road Dogg getting multiple chances with WWE and not him: “Three letters [Triple H] …. That’s my boy, Triple H, baby. I worshiped Road Dogg, we are great friends. We gotta call a spade a spade when it’s time to call a spade a spade, and calling a spade a spade is, he… you know, they have said no to me when they have said yes to major drug addicts.”

On WWE turning him down while approving Justin Credible and others: “I want you to take this part of what I’ve told you and put it in your brain that is so smart, and I want you to play with this for a while, and think about it because it’s really unbelievable. A guy that came from WCW as one of the top talent guys, that did nothing wrong except didn’t do what they said was… they read the computer and believed it, and still would not give me the benefit of the doubt of, ‘Look, here I am, I’m willing to go in and make sure that everything’s fine,’ And if nothing else, man just to get the doctors off me. Just the chase, it’s tiresome, it’s horrible. It’s absolutely horrible, the chase. And they came back with, no. Dallas Page called me up and goes… because keep in mind, first he was like, ‘Hey bro, yo bro this and bro that, and bro this, and bro that,’ And all of a sudden he went, ‘I can’t believe they turned you down. I can’t believe it.’ They, hey… first time ever asking!”

On his match against Booker T on the 2001 episode of WWE RAW: “I wrestled Booker T in the first match of The Invasion, with 25 stitches in my head. They had to get a Sharpie and Sharpie in where they shaved my head before I did the match. So I’ve got 25 or 30, I can’t remember what it was, 25 or 30 staples in my head, and they lay out this thing where they’re going to beat Booker up, me join in, and then throw us both out the back, and we knew right there it was over, it’s just the fans didn’t. We knew right there that, wait a minute, why wouldn’t we wait until one week and put Booker T and Buff Bagwell as the main event in Atlanta, Georgia, and they didn’t wait, they shoved it down their throats in Tacoma, to make us look like trash, and it worked, and it worked. It made us look like we were the bad guys, and ‘Hey, we gave those guys a shot, hey it didn’t work out.’ So be it, it didn’t work out.”

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