WWE Files To Dissolve UK Holding Company, Update On The Future Of NXT UK


WWE has filed to dissolve their UK holdings branch. With that being said, the NXT UK brand will not be affected. WWE UK Holdings LTD will be dissolved on Tuesday. The holdings company was incorporated in July of 2019.

Of course, this has caused many fans to speculate on the future of the NXT UK brand as WWE is about to relaunch the United States version of NXT.

According to NXT UK Creative Director Jim Smallman, the future of NXT UK is alive and well. He said,

“I mean as I’m the creative director of NXT UK I can categorically tell you it’s not shutting down. WWE UK Holdings (which I presume you’re referring to) is nothing to do with NXT UK.”

WWE also recently shuttered their Japan division and cut numerous international staff earlier this year.

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