WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for May 7, 2021


We begin with a throwback of the history of SmackDown. Michael Cole is wearing his vintage jeans jacket and Pat McAfee is wearing Vince McMahon’s old suit.

We get a flashback of SmackDown’s first ever main event, Triple H vs. The Rock for the WWF Championship.

Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Paul Heyman are out first as we get a recap of last week’s main event.

Paul Heyman takes the mic and says Roman has asked him to eulogize the career of Daniel Bryan. And they’re going to do it themselves, a 10 bell salute with Heyman saying “DING” 10 times. Roman reminds everyone he’s a man of his word. He put everything on his back and he carried it and he ended up being acknowledged. He gave SmackDown and FOX what he wanted and he gave Bryan what he wanted.

He smashed him, pinned him and go rid of him. If he wanted to be here, all he had to do was acknowledge him. And he didn’t, so we got rid of him. With his absence, comes a replacement with someone who will acknowledge him. And with that, we have the return of Jimmy Uso. Jimmy’s return is cut off by Cesaro.

Cesaro questions Roman saying Bryan was replaced. He speaks on behalf of everyone when he says he cannot replace Bryan. Roman is laughing in the ring. Unfortunately, he has a match with Seth Rollins to focus on so he has no time to deal with him before Seth himself jumps Cesaro from behind.

While security breaks everything up, Teddy Long returns and says Adam Pearce has given him the power to announce that if Cesaro defeats Seth Rollins, he gets a Universal Title shot against Roman at WrestleMania Backlash. He leaves and Roman shoves Cesaro from behind and Seth continues jumping Cesaro as we go to commercial.

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