WWE Has Been Sending Released Wrestlers Their Items In Garbage Bags For Over A Decade


The big story on Thursday was how Mickie James went public with news that her belongings from WWE were sent to her in a trash bag after she was released from the company. 

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he heard from multiple female performers who said the practice has been happening for over a decade.

One woman performer said: “We have drawers that travel as well (as bringing stuff from home to the shows. So we leave little things we may need from week-to-week, our gear, makeup, shoes etc. We take our gear bag home, but a lot of people have heavy gear that is easier to leave at the venue.”

Another wrestler added: “Talent who is let go, if anything of theirs is left behind at arenas, it’s boxed up and sent back to their homes. I don’t think sending it in a garbage bag was to be mean. It was done in a way that was just like stuff in a bag, put it in a box and get it back to them. But it could be interpreted as disrespectful during an already hard time as a released talent. Which in Mickie’s case she felt it symbolized that was all she was worth, which is not the case! But yes, it could have been handled better.”

Former WWE star Maria Kanellis posted messages on Twitter that confirmed this as well.

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