WWE Has Made A Change To The Monday Night Raw Announce Team


Wrestling Inc reported today that Adnan Virk will be taking over the role of the play-by-play commentator for WWE Raw starting this Monday, which means Tom Phillips is out of the role. 

There’s no word as to why the change was made. Before joining the WWE, Virk worked for ESPN from 2010 until 2019. 

He was fired for allegedly leaking ESPN information to the media. He addressed this during an interview with The Washington Post last year

“I know that I made a mistake,” Virk told The Washington Post. “I would have thought that everything I’d done for the company would count for something. Whatever happens in life you say: ‘What’s the action? What’s the result of the action? Who’s the person? And how important are they to the company?’ Ultimately, I’m hurt that I was that replaceable for doing something I thought was relatively benign. I feel like they wanted to make an example of me.”

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