WWE Looking For Six-Figures In Legal Fees From Lawsuit


Law360 reports that WWE is looking to get $573,770.44 in legal fees from attorney Konstantine Kyros after a concussion lawsuit was dismissed. They also want an extra $39,844.00 in fees and costs in connection with their applications after the decision was made.

The lawsuit combined several claims against the company over concussions from multiple wrestlers.

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt said the following: “[Kyros] violated court orders, didn’t comply with court orders, ignored court orders that cautioned him to cease certain behavior or risk sanctions. He would continue the same kind of behavior. He plagiarized and made false allegations based on other lawsuits against the NFL, where he would just parrot allegations that had been made against the NFL or its personnel, and would just change [text], reading from ‘NFL’ to ‘WWE.’ The liability for sanctions has been established in three different court orders, that he’s supposed to pay all of our attorney’s fees in connection with various things he did wrong. The only thing left to be determined is how much that is.

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