WWE Monday Night RAW Results for July 19, 2021


We begin the show with John Cena, who shouts out an 11 year old whose birthday is today and missed the fans, the confusion, the electricity, the Let’s Go Cena chants, the Cena sucks chants and most importantly, the loudness. Tonight is electric, deafening loud, and we live from Dallas, Texas.

He’s here tonight to explain himself and why he returned. He showed up to ruin Roman Reigns’ championship celebration. Reigns and Heyman were angry, and everyone was asking why and who brought him back to WWE? It was the fans. We can cheer and boo together and connect with people that love this. It was the fans that brought him back as well as Roman Reigns. What is he for? The Universal Championship at Summerslam. Why?

It could be because of the 17th title reign, or being in the main event, but it’s simply because Roman Reigns is an asshole. And he needs to be knocked down a peg or two and the experience needs to end. He’s overexposed, overprotected and overhyped, and not nearly as over as people think. And that’s coming from him? There’s an old saying that if you’re good, you’ll tell people. But if you’re great, the crowd will tell you. And he’ll be on SmackDown on Friday night, and he can’t wait to see you. Out comes Riddle.

Cena says he finally get it, bro. He and Riddle say bro back and forth while Cena exits.

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