WWE Monday Night RAW Results for September 13, 2021


We open the show with Big E, RK-Bro and Bobby Lashley and MVP.

Big E stands in between them but to the side. He takes the mic and reminds them of his plans to cash in tonight. Fans pop. Riddle says it’s good to have Big E back on RAW, but please don’t cash in on Randy because that’s my bro. MVP tells Riddle to shut his dumbass up. MVP says Big E won’t be cashing in on Randy because Randy isn’t winning the WWE Title tonight. MVP says Big E chose the wrong night to show up on RAW. MVP goes on about how he usually joins everyone else in laughing at Big E’s stupid dancing around, but tonight he and Lashley are not in the mood to laugh because somehow Orton and Riddle politicked their way into changing the WWE Title match from Extreme Rules to tonight, when they were supposed to challenge for the RAW Tag Team Titles. Orton says it’s been 14 long years since they battled in this ring so he thought why wait until Extreme Rules? Orton says maybe he was looking for a way to throw Lashley off his game by getting the match changed. Orton brags about having strings pulled to get the change. Fans chant “Randy!” now.

MVP takes shots at The New Day and says maybe Big E came to RAW because he’s scared to cash in on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns or maybe scared of Brock Lesnar. Lashley says he’s not scared of Lesnar. MVP goes on and Orton interrupts, saying MVP is wasting his breath on MVP because the fight is right here and he’s proved it takes just one RKO to bring Lashley to his knees and that’s what he will do to become the new WWE Champion. Big E gets a pop for saying he will cash in on Orton. Lashley says Orton made the biggest mistake of his life challenging for his title. Lashley has strong threats for both Orton and Big E.

Big E taunts Lashley by putting the briefcase in his face. Lashley slaps it away. Orton ends up dropping Lashley with the RKO for a huge pop. Orton runs around the ring as fans go wild. Orton taunts Lashley and exits the ring as his music hits. Big E watches from the corner, focused, as MVP tends to Lashley. Orton looks on from the ramp.

– We see RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair backstage getting ready. She will face Shayna Baszler in a Championship Contender’s match. We go to commercial.

Charlotte Flair vs. Shayna Baszler

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