WWE Raw Commentator Adnan Virk Talks Criticism From Fans


WWE Raw announcer Adnan Virk spoke with Jimmy Traina on a recent edition of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast

During it, he addressed the fan criticism that he received after doing announcing for the show the past few weeks. 

“Certainly, people are going to have that impression,” Virk admitted. “‘Who’s this interloper? Oh, he’s coming from the network television world coming into my domain. He doesn’t know how we do things here. I think of the great Ernie Harwell line. Of course, the Tigers great play-by-play guy. He said, ‘When you start a new job, people are initially resistant, and they’re going to crush you no matter what. After you’re there for a year, two years, five, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter if they like you or they hate you. They just get used to,’ and I think ultimately, there will be fans who will say, ‘I can’t stand him, but I’ve been listening to him for so long I have no choice.’”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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