WWE SVP Of Event Technical Operations Comments On The Use Of AR At WrestleMania 37


During a recent interview with Sports Video, WWE SVP of Event Technical Operations Duncan Leslie commented on WWE using augmented reality (AR) at WrestleMania 37, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On having fans back: “The fans’ being there had a huge impact on everyone — from the talent to everybody in the truck. It was so gratifying to see how excited our fans were, because we do everything we can to give them the best show on earth.”

On the use of AR: “This year, instead of adding a lot of extra cameras [the way] we normally do — helicopters, Spider Cam, and all that — we decided to lean more heavily on upgrading our AR presence. AR has such a great pop to it creatively, so that really helped us brand the arena in a new and very potent way. And, with socially distanced fans. We wanted to ensure that there weren’t spots that didn’t look full. With AR, we could bring the whole bowl alive with our messaging — on top of all the fans that were in attendance in person.”

On the weather causing issues: “The weather was obviously a wildcard, but we got lucky that the bulk of our downtime due to storms was before the event. The first night, we had about half an hour of a delay, and then, magically, we were able to start with a show. Yesterday, it rained all day right up until showtime, and we were able to stay pretty much on time. Obviously, some gear was compromised due to the severe nature of the wind and water, but it didn’t really affect us since we had spares for anything that was taken out of action.”

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