WWE Talent React After Piper Niven Faces Body-Shaming Comments


Various WWE talent have responded after Piper Niven received body-shaming comments after her Raw debut on this Monday’s episode (June 14th).

It was former Retribution member Mia Yim who initially responded to the comments, saying on her Twitter account “The body shaming is disgusting. Y’all bold behind the screens. It costs nothing to be kind.” Yim’s comments would be met with praise, with on-screen WWE talents such as Charlotte and Kayla Braxton voicing their support.

It would also not be long before current NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed would share his own experiences with body-shaming, stating “This happens to me every time I’m on screen, don’t worry about the haters … they can stay hating, we keep shining.”

Niven, who debuted as the protege of Eva Marie on her WWE return, also responded saying:

Successful big people are often met with this because we remind people of their own shortcomings, they want to believe that success is only for the “perfect people” and that’s why they didn’t achieve their dreams and we prove them wrong. Don’t even worry about them, I don’t.”

Whilst it is always upsetting to see comments of this variety, it’s nice to see that both Piper Niven and Bronson Reed seem to be able to stay positive.

On her WWE Monday Night Raw debut, Niven’s name was not stated by the commentary team, which was reportedly an intentional choice ahead of a name change. You can read about the possible new name for Piper Niven here.

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