WWE WrestleMania SmackDown Results for April 9, 2021


We open the show with Daniel Bryan. Bryan is excited to finally hear the roar of the WWE Universe in person. He loves the Thunderdome. HE didn’t even think it could be a thing. But there is nothing that compares to wrestling in front of a live audience at WrestleMania, and there is nothing like winning the Universal Championship in the main event of WrestleMania. YES chants go off in the Thunderdome. That’s what he can’t wait for. Walking down to the ring with 25,000 chanting YES in unison. There is nothing like it.

Bryan is often associated with the word “yes”. But the reality is that the bulk of his career has revolved around being told no. Is Bryan big enough? Does he belong in WWE? Is he a superstar? Is best for business? Can Daniel Bryan be the face of WWE? Does Daniel Bryan deserve to be in the main event of WrestleMania? If you ask Batista, Randy Orton or Edge and Roman Reigns this year, they’ll tell you know. But if you ask Daniel Bryan, the answer is yes. Bryan’s mentors and parents told him to always ignore the negativity, and that’s how he came to say YES. When life said no, Bryan said yes. Will Bryan be able to wrestle again? Doctors said no, but Bryan said yes. Would he become World Champion again? People said no, Bryan said yes. Would Bryan be able to tap out Roman Reigns at Fastlane? People said no, but Bryan said yes. Does Bryan deserve to main event WrestleMania this year? At first, Adam Pearce said no, and then Adam Pearce said yes.

Bryan calls this Sunday the biggest match of his career. One side is Edge and the other side is Roman Reigns. One is enraged that he feels the spotlight has been stolen from him and the other is enraged that he was tapped out and his place at the Head of the Table might be stolen. They are two of the most dangerous men in WWE right now. But who are they facing? It’s not the Bryan who was general manager. It’s not the family man Daniel Bryan. They are getting the most dangerous Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania. One who will kick Edge’s neck in despite his surgery. One that will tap out the untap-outabble Roman Reigns. Can Bryan walk out of the main event of WrestleMania? YES!

The Street Profits are backstage performing the YES chants, and they say they believe Bryan will win the Universal Championship just as much as they will win back the tag titles tonight. They are jumped by Roode and Ziggler. The two teams brawl before Alpha Academy and the Mysterios come out and brawl on the entrance ramp before we go to commercial.

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